Mini Bulge (MBG) Testing

A special form of hydrostatic bulge testing has been further developed to handle thin sheets, foils and laminates, to address the needs of the battery industry and other industries with interest in such materials (tension testing can be very unreliable for such materials)

  • Standard tests (per ISO 16808 or equivalent) and custom tests in support of “research & development” efforts
  • Construction of effective biaxial stress/strain curves and evaluation of material biaxial formability limits
  • Not only balanced biaxial, but also controlled biaxial deformation to cover several biaxial strain ratios
  • Testing with liquid or gas to accommodate different materials (metals, composites & polymers) under different conditions
  • Quasi-static as well as intermediate rates
  • For cold, warm, and hot forming operations

Samples of Our Work

Mini Bulge Test Setup in mi-Lab: