Balanced Biaxial Tension (BBT) Testing - Hydraulic Bulge (HBG) Testing

Tension testing is not always enough to describe the behavior of a material; its response to balanced biaxial deformation is sometimes more critical, and that can be evaluated with the hydrostatic bulge test. Our expertise in bulge testing covers

  • Standard tests (per ISO 16808 or equivalent) and custom tests in support of “research & development” efforts
  • Construction of effective biaxial stress/strain curves and evaluation of material biaxial formability limits
  • Not only balanced biaxial, but also controlled biaxial deformation to cover several biaxial strain ratios
  • Testing with liquid or gas to accommodate different materials (metals, composites & polymers) under different conditions
  • Quasi-static as well as intermediate rates
  • For cold, warm, and hot forming operations

Samples of Our Work