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The unique & custom testing that has been trusted for years… is now further enhanced!

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Why mi-Testing?

Common Tests

All our common tests are highly streamlined to directly support automotive metals qualification & development needs!

Uniaxial Tension (UAT)

Balanced Biaxial Tension (BBT) _ Hydraulic Bulge (HBG)

Forming Limit Curves (FLC)

Hole Expansion Ratio (HER)

MultiRate (MRT) Uniaxial Tension

Balanced Biaxial Tension (BBT) _ Nakajima (NAK)

Plane-Strain Tension (PST)

Shear (SHR)

Uniaxial Compression (UAC)

Cyclic Tension/ Compression (CTC)

Load/Unload (LUL) Uniaxial Tension

Bending (BND)

Full Qualification & Development Packages

All tests are further grouped into packages to provide direct feed & calibration of most material cards used in commercial FEA solvers, as well as prominent deformation & failure material models!


Regardless of the plasticity scenario you are dealing with, we provide hardening data that goes well beyond conventional tension testing to cover shear deformation as well as balanced biaxial tension deformation

Anisotropic Yield Function

The breadth and detail level of our uniaxial tension, shear, and balanced biaxial tension testing data can be used to calibrate a host of simple as well as complex anisotropic yield functions to address the various material grades

Strain Rate Sensitivity

With mi-DATA, you can account for rate effects in your Forming & Crash simulations … not only on the strength level, but also ductility, hardening parameters, anisotropy parameters and even fracture strains


Comprehensive necking-based forming limit curve (FLC) points, as well as failure points, are provided for the full range of biaxial loading paths encountered within the majority of sheet forming scenarios

Fracture (GISSMO)

Regardless whether it is a forming or a crash simulation, we provide high-fidelity fracture DATA to allow you to calibrate prominent fracture models, including those with dependency on stress-triaxiality

Springback Prediction

One of the most challenging aspects of FEA for die design, springback prediction, is made easier with a suite of tests that can deliver the DATA needed for calibrating complex Kinematic Hardening models (such as Yoshida-Uemori)

The exceptional material testing services we have been offering are taken to a whole new level!


Significant experience & technical know-how!


Standard testing as well as custom testing for extreme conditions


All DATA is based on modern strain measurement technologies and sensors (digital image correlation & optical tracking)


DATA is provided in comprehensive packages that cover detailed sets, datasheets, reports, as well as interactive curves & surfaces


High quality DATA sets & reports with unique clean packaging


High focus on the automotive sector with packages particularly tailored for material qualification & product development support (CAE)


DATA is structured for direct input into major FEA solvers


Short lead times!


Direct monitoring of project progress (coming soon)!

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