The Camera System to Generate Your Own DATA!

A vision system with multiple camera options!

Modular, highly flexible, customizable, easily upgradable… & still cost-effective!

It’s well beyond a typical DIC system... It’s truly a universal testing sensor!

Introducing "mi-Sensor" ... unique, simple, practical, and flexible ... it will cover all your material testing needs in one compact unit!

A distinctive and first-of-its type optical sensor preconfigured for all major material testing applications in a single unit!


It is not just a typical DIC system … it is a “universal” material testing sensor that combines a video extensometer, a DIC system, a crack detector, a feature tracker & more!


Designed based on real-life extensive experience to address all important material testing scenarios, and yet has sufficient flexibility to address other extreme scenarios and applications


The first (& probably only) vision system with three cameras to allow for 2D DIC, 3D DIC, combined 2D & 3D DIC, HER, test monitoring & more!


Standard camera bundle for the most common material tests, and multiple camera options to choose from for specialty applications


Modular design, highly flexible, customizable, easily upgradable, & cost effective


Did you know that you can simply swap between cameras and lenses ... Yes that means limitless upgrading possibilities!!

mi-Sensor Configurations

Our camera selection is very unique & broad ... This careful selection of cameras stems from an extensive knowledge in material testing! 
We know that most of the cameras we use are different from those offered by other DIC systems ... 
give us a call and let us give you the technical backing and explain why these cameras better fit your testing needs!


mi-Sensor Camera Options

Did you know that regardless of the "mi-Sensor" configuration you go with, you can still swap cameras to accommodate many other tests!
That is the power of "mi-Sensor" ... you do not need to purchase multiple systems to address all the various tests you perform in your lab!

mi-Sensor in Use

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