Fabrication Equipment

Majority of test samples tested at FADI-AMT are produced in-house!

Primary Fabrication Equipment

  • HAAS VM2 CNC Vertical Milling Machine
  • Bridgeport Romi EZ Path CNC Lathe
  • Wire EDM
  • ProtoMAX Waterjet Cutting Machine
  • Horizontal and Vertical Band Saws
  • Hydraulic Shear
  • Other fabrication support equipment

Heat Treatment and Conditioning

  • Thermcraft Box Furnace (up to 1200°C) for heat treatment

  • Thermcraft Custom Environmental Chamber (-185 to 450°C) for isothermal testing at different temperatures

  • In-house Custom Environmental Chamber (-185 to 250°C) for component conditioning and testing at different temperatures

  • Blue M LBO136 Oven (up to 260°C) for aging & paint baking