One Platform to "Harness Your DATA"

“material insights” by FADI-AMT is a unique platform of products all cohesively integrated to provide you access to high quality R&D level “Material DATA” … All the products are derived from and based on extensive experience, thorough understanding, and passion about material deformation & failure!

With three possible paths to reaching high quality and detailed DATA (Request, Generate or Access), “material insights” makes the process of acquiring DATA easier, faster and more efficient!

Why Our DATA?

The DATA we offer is simply unique and on a totally different level … we call it “mi-DATA”!

  • 01

    Not just simple uniaxial tension data … but a wide variety of multiaxial and complex loading paths that truly mimic the actual loading conditions a material undergoes in practical applications!

  • 02

    Not just idealistic quasi-static loading conditions … but we go into the intermediate and high strain rate territories to reflect practical manufacturing and crash conditions!

  • 03

    Not simple extraction from universal testing machines … but DATA entirely based on digital image correlation (DIC), image processing algorithms & non-contact optical sensors!

  • 04

    Not just conventional DATA format (discrete numbers) … but additional unique formats to allow you to interact with the DATA! Dynamic files with tunable tools & curves, interactive DIC surface strain maps, and comprehensive DIC videos!

  • 05

    Not just conventional DATA files … but rather comprehensive “DATA packages” that encompass detailed DATA sets, pre-configured plots, organized summary tables of properties & failure strains & ready-to-use FEA input parameters!

  • 06

    Not just simplistic outputs … but rather thorough packaging of DATA with quality of presentation and attention to detail that is truly bordering on obsession! Are you ready to try something truly unique?